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A "cadre" is a dedicated band of  men at the core of a military operation, able to train new recruits for battle and challenge them to persevere.


​A (non profit) Christ-centered gathering of men, committed to defeating immoral thoughts and actions in ourselves and in others.


Pornography is a pool teeming  with piranhas just beneath its inviting ripples. It can devour a man in a flash and a child even faster. It trashed my life until Jesus rescued me. He provided love, joy and peace to fill the vacuum that was once me. In spite of all I had gained, I fell back into porn's trap. My life became a maze of maximized dissatisfaction in a thick fog of impending doom. It was agony, and the way back was a thousand miles of really bad road.


Although it was painful, I'm glad I'm back and thankful I didn't get what I deserved... Jesus did. It was through and out of my shame that God called me to this ministry of emancipating others still obsessed with the obscene.



Realizing virtuous lives through renewed minds.


​Setting free, every man bound by porn.


Join the battle now!

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