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Wretched Man or “Virtuous Man” It’s Your Choice By Terry Rosseter

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

I’ve been asked; “do you still have your small groups of porn freaks?” Whoa! Maybe that’s why the groups are so small and why men stay away in droves.

One young guy told me his problem with pornography and masturbation is so secretive and embarrassing, he didn’t want anyone to know he had it. He knew he needed our help, but didn’t want to be caught anywhere near us.

I warned him, most guys only come after being caught and their lives have become train-wrecks. I said one guy, we worked with years ago, told us how he was caught by his thirteen-year-old daughter late at night as he watched hard porn online. He was finely delivered, but his poor daughter is still under constant therapy for severe trauma.

I recalled another guy who had a fatal heart attack in an “adult” movie theater. He probably wouldn’t have wanted to be caught with us either, but was caught dead in that porn theater. He was only in his thirties with a lovely wife and two beautiful little girls. His name, what happened and where it happened were all over the news for days... So, what are you waiting for?

Years ago Omaha for Decency had a campaign with the slogan, “Real men don’t use porn.” But, I’d elaborate; it’s not that porn-users aren’t really men; it’s that they’re not really REAL. They live in secret fantasy worlds of lust and deceit. Where they make-believe they’re okay and that no one will ever find out. They say, “I’ll deal with this tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. So, they keep on denying the help they need, by denying the need.

Most men don’t want to be identified with us. But, come on guys… Who doesn’t want to be a virtuous man? We’re called Virtuous Men because that’s what we are! The word virtue means morally pure with integrity, but it also means power, authority and honor. It’s who we are by God’s grace. He gives us His righteousness by cleansing us from all unrighteousness through Christ’s blood… That’s right, pure, totally pure (See I John 1:9).

God has also bestowed upon us His power with authority over sin, death and the devil. Jesus has given us His Sprit of power and of love and of self-control. All these are gifts freely received by faith. However, He does want us to walk in what we’ve been given.

Remember though, we can’t walk in real purity without the power of God, and can’t walk in God’s power without real purity. Virtuous Men teaches “how to” do exactly that. Please come and bring a friend.

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