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Food for Thought

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Long ago, Eskimos found a clever way of ridding themselves of troublesome wolves. They would dip some razor sharp knives into animal’s blood, freeze them and do it again until they had several thick “blood sickles”. Then, they simply planted them bloody blade up in the snow and waited.

Drawn to the scent, wolves would curiously sample the tempting morsels and in seconds be caught up in a feeding frenzy from which there could be no turning back. In their lust for more, they wouldn’t notice the slight change of taste and temperature; and soon the blood they were gorging themselves on became their own. Drained of vital fluids, their bodies would scream for yet more and more blood. So, the faster they licked, the hungrier they became. Before long, the entire area would be strewn with the emaciated bodies, and splattered with the blood, of dead and dying wolves.

Uncontrolled sexual appetites are never satisfied—they will always scream for more. They can turn men into ravenous predators who, like bloodthirsty wolves, choke to death on their own desires.

Chewing on this truth can cause you to lose your appetite for porn, and help you to hunger and thirst more for righteousness, where only Jesus can satisfy your cravings.

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