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Virtuous Reality / Sexual Purity For Real Men Book

    • Virtuous Reality answers the scriptural question “How does a young [or old] man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.’ Psalm 119:9  Pastor Elmer Murdoch


    • “By continuously applying the principles laid out in Virtuous Reality, one can find true victory over Satan’s deadly allurements.” Dr Frank E Bowers, Licensed Psychologist


    • “Virtuous Reality gives its readers powerful insights and tools for those seeking to be freed from porn-addiction.” Don Kohls, Director Omaha for Decency


    • A eureka moment from Virtuous reality is, “Setting our minds on things above lifts them out of filthy fantasies into virtuous reality. This is God’s highway of holiness to lead us to freedom in the mind of Christ.” Pastor Steve Peterson, Fresh Start for All Nations


    • Virtuous Reality is a powerful tool to help men find recovery from sexual addiction. Its practical depth addresses lust issues with spiritual tenacity.” Cory Schortzman LPC, President Transformed Hearts Counseling Center


    • "Virtuous Reality is like a smart bomb - right on target! Terry likes to get us smiling just before he punches us in the teeth."After 30 years with teen challenge, I know lust is a battle good men must fight. Terry’s book is a powerful weapon to help win that war.” Roger Helle Executive Director Teen Challenge of the Mid-South


    • "This book is so very helpful in so many ways; I thank the Lord for placing it in to my hands. It can always be found in my back pocket. I use it throughout each day, I can't say enough how awesome it really is. I just want to say thanks and God bless you. Did I mention how much I like the book?" Teen Challenge Student


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